The Drum Painter

"Walks With Stars" - Iroquois
"Messenger" - Navajo

For as long as I can remember, I have been painting, either with words, pens or brushes. Like the spider who spins her web to capture food and dew drops to sustain her, so has painting in these forms been for me, the food of my soul.

Early American LIfe Award
DiAnne Smith, "walks with stars"
Born in Methuen Massachusetts.
Grand Daughter of Hazel,
and Albert Smith: paternal side.
Great Grand Daughter of Joe,
Ontario Iroquios, Iroquios League,
and Hannah Gilbert: maternal side.

Awards - Missouri Life Magazine
2008 - 2009 Top 200 Artist for pre-
servation of Native American Art in USA.

Featured Artist, Fenimore Art Museum
Native American gift shop, Cooperstown,
NY. Toll free contact Jonathan Connor
at 888-547-1450.

Featured Artist, Earth's Heartbeat
106 South 2nd Street
Clarksville, MO 63336

Contact DiAnne by phone @ 717-420-5470

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