Native American Painted Drums

Hand Painted one of a kind Native American Painted drums with original story©
These drums are playable as the paint will not chip off. They are hand made drums composed of goat hide stretched over a wood hoop. Approximately 2 inches deep. Excellent drum for drumming circles as many are now in use for that purpose. Somtimes I think .... "In difficult times, people either get drunk or spiritual".

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Native American Painted Drums Eagle Dancers

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Eagle Dancers

As the days of our lives spin around and around, so do the eagles soar and dance their days on the wings of the wind, flying closer to the heavens than all of the other of Gods' creations. With their wings unfurled and strong, viewing the earth below in wonder, they see everything. They see the wide open prairie, the tree covered towering mountains, the sparkling oceans and rivers, all of the bright colors of earth with her ten thousand flowers, so much beauty to behold.

In their wonderings they see the gaily dressed Kachinas' dancing and playing their flutes, givers of songs and life. Flowers bloom at their beckoning and rains gently fall to nourish all living things. The dancers' arms outstretched and holding the wooden song makers trying to be as graceful and beautiful as the eagles that fly above them. Try as they may they are never so graceful and beautiful as their brother and sister eagle, created by God to carry the souls of man to a higher place, a place of never ending peace and love.

We mortal beings, it seems, lose sight more and more of earth fragile beauty and our need to care for her. Let us not become takers of life but givers of love and respect for all of God's creations.

Walk in beauty and it will walk with you.

Walks with stars walks with stars - Iroquois
messenger - Navajo

Native American Painted Drums Mouse Woman

Mouse Woman

Alaskan Native Art - 1890

Within all Alaskan native paintings live many spirits. All are a part of the whole. Bird, eel, snake, fish, flowers, all are held within the heart. We are after all a part of each other. Our lives are no more significant than any other living form. One might consider well, the things that we take into ourselves as they are forever more a part of us.

Learn your lessons and make every choice good for your souls polishing. I send you love and light from all of your ancestors and me.

walks with stars - Iroquois
messenger - Navajo

Native American Painted Drums Mimbres

The Living and The Dead

Mimbres Pottery - 1500 - 1700

There is a balance it is said, between the living and the dead. When one soul departs another soul finds its’ way, out of the night, into the day. Spirits watch the undertaking, with tears of joy there’s no mistaking the gift that life provides the living, in wisdon and love thoses that depart are giving up earths walk, listen, for their spirits talk to keep us ever in good stead. There is a balance it is said between the living and the dead.

The Mimbres honored the dead with paintings on pottery. They honored every act of life in the same manner. The only recorded history of the Mimbres is recorded on white slip pottery colored with black ink and sometime red. We learn of life in many ways. Long past the life of the artists lives a record of their lives and loves in art. May we learn and appreciate our ancestors for the brave beings that they were.

walks with stars - Iroquois
messenger - Navajo

Native American Painted Drums Mimbres

Mimbres 4 Directions

Mimbres Pottery - Mimbre Valley 1923

Life is a traveling experience. "To everything thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven". We mortal beings have limited vision. All things that happen to us in this space called earth are for our good. Times to laugh and times to cry, times to rejoice and times morn, times to give and times to take, times to gather strength and times to give strength to others. The Mimbre people had brief lives. They lived to approximately 35 years of age, and that was considered old. They took advantage of every minute they had. The loved and danced and worked to endured whatever challenges the Creator sent to them for the polishing of their souls. Their lives were full. May you see the hand of the Gods of heaven and earth in your life and know that you are never alone, and if you have the chance , always dance. I send you love and light on your journey.

walks with stars - Iroquois
messenger - Navajo

Native American Painted Drums Bears

4 Bears 4 Directions

The Bear Shield

The power of the great bear is called for to protect the owner of the shield in battle. As the hail storm of bullets and arrows are shot at the warrior, the bear extends his great and powerful paw to stop the bullets and arrows from hitting their target. The paws with claws extended, were said to protect the warrior on every side. Bear is a great protector for family. Tribal families were very close, and if Bear was one of your totems, you were very lucky. This drum was painted after the likeness of a great war chief, used in battle in Upper Missouri , in the early 1800’s. It is a treasure of the Dept. of Anthropology Nation Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute.

walks with stars-iroquois

Native American Painted Drums Wind

Gift of The Wind

Gifts on the Wind
S.W. Design 1800’s

On occasion the winds blow in blessings that we would never have expected. If we do not accept the challenges that the wind brings, we will never know the magnitude of the blessings that the winds carry.

walks with stars-Iroquois

Native American Painted Drums talking

Alaska Salmon

Life to Life - The Salmon of the Great Waters

It has long been known that mankind needs the assistance of all life forms to survive. Without the great fish of the waters where would mankind be? In times long gone to the advances of man, the hooks of man dropped into the water hoping to catch food for their families to sustain them through the changing seasons especially the long winters. The Salmon of the great waters were plentiful and had fresh clean water to swim in, to breed in and to lay their eggs in for the continuation of life. Now, the waters are polluted, the earth is in a state of heating up and so are the waters of the earth. Global warming is no joke. The joke is liable to be on mankind for in all of his greedy taking he has forgotten to honor and give thanks to all life forms and to the Gods of their creation. Mankind is feed at the cost of one of his relations lives.
Have we forgotten to embrace the beauty for the food of our souls, as well as to be thankful for the body food provided for us in the giving of life.
I pray that the Creator has mercy on mankind and gives us some time to correct our giant mistakes. Pray for beauty, peace and clean water. Life depends on it. Without clean water, there is no life. Let us try to remember the difference between our needs and our greed.

Walks with stars-Iroquois

Native American Painted Drums Walking Drum

The Walking Drum

The Walking
Tribal Moccasins

Most of us walk through our lives never thinking of the shoes of others, unless it is to judge them. We judge as we please, the shoes on the men and woman who wear them. How much do they cost, are they in style what are they made of?
There are many other things to think about. For me, I have concerns about the kids with no shoes. Frozen from the cold snows of winter, cut from the sharp grasses of the fall, and burning hot from the concrete of city side walks where kids play, no field or brooks to run in, only concrete for miles. Some kids never see trees, cows, or chickens. Some never have a square meal and are abused severely by adults with drug problems. The cycle is hard to break. Abuse usually breeds abuse. So here we are, back to the shoes. We have ours shoes to worry about and cannot shoe the world, or can we.
In the villages of all native people, everyone that needed or wanted shoes had them. They were hand made out of deer and elk and buffalo and were called moccasins. Many long hours and tired and sore fingers stitched them. Most were adorned with beads or hand embroidered. All were beautiful and no one looked at the cold bare feet of others. Every one cared for the tribe, the family, close or extended. Want was a thing only of need not greed. No one had 5 pairs of shoes. But everyone had at least one pair. It was the same with other things, food and clothing shelter and love. The family tribe cared for each other they were all connected. How would that be in this white and materialistic world in which we find ourselves? Can you and I change it? Can we be the family of earth? No wars to wage, no greed to feed, no hunger, no homeless. How would it be if we lived our lives as the family of the Creator? Grandmothers and grandfathers, moms and dads, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters, all caring for each other. Perhaps it would be then that our guardians and guides and Creator had reason to smile down on mankind.
Most of us do not realize what a difference just one action on our part makes. Passing it on, walking in an others shoes for just a day, taking responsibility for the care of earth and water and air and each other. Let us try. If we all start walking our walk instead of just talking the talk things will change for the better and you will smile because your heart knows you are a good human being.
I send you light and love for this earth walk and pray you can answer for a life well spent.

walks with stars-Iroquois