Mimbres and Me Pottery & Stories

Each Piece of Pottery is Signed by the Artist DiAnne Smith and A Finger Print is placed on the back as positive identification.


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The Costume Party Pottery Quail

The Costume Party Quail Pottery
Mimbres Mythology
Plate Painters

Sometimes we dress to please the masses. Sometimes we dress for the extremes of the
weather and sometimes we dress to be in hiding and other times we just dress up for fun.
The Quail is dressed as a caterpillar. He is going to a costume party and he hopes that no
one will guess” who” he really is. Fox and Coyote will be there and wants to avoid if at
all possible, being part of the party feasts. After all, a party is only a party if every one is
having fun. In life, fun is essential, lighten up, dress up and enjoy the moment. We all
travel on earth for a brief time. Forever awaits. Party on little Quail and don’t forget to
tuck in your tail.

The Mimbres painted the costume with a line between the wearer and his costume. They
lived short lives, 35 years was a normal life expectancy, but if you review their pottery
paintings you will see that they lived in the moment, and for every moment.
Life is precious and, is meant to be lived.

walks with stars-iroquois


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Blessings to All Flying Things

The Mimbres and many of the other S.W. tribes believed that insects of all kinds
whispered secrets to them from their ancestors, thus making their earth walk a little
easier. There are many bugs painted on their pottery. This particular piece is a prayer
from earth to all flying things, that they may survive and live with full bullies and
quenched thirsts.
The little faces, are the faces of the spirits of earth. Native tribes paid attention to all of
the sign given to them by the Creator. They give tribute to them in the thousands of
works of art that were created by humble and untrained hands.
We all have hidden gifts, we just need to explore them, be thankful for them, and use
them for the good of all of the families of earth.

walks with stars-Iroquois

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Mimbres Rabbit and the Moon 9"x1.5"

Rabbit dancing with the moon to the tune of stars twinkling, you frolic and play your
nights away, tell me what for heavens sake are you thinking? Life is for sure a place of
fun, especially when the workdays done. You are there to remind us all to live our lives
with grace and by chance, all of us were made to dance.

Rabbit is the sign of frolicking, drunkenness, fertility and the moon in Mimbres
mythology. The checkerboard designs are representative of the milky way. Look to see
if the old man in the moon is actually there or is it the rabbit?

walks with stars-Iroquois

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The Warrior Twins 9.5"x1.5"

Mimbres Pottery
Mimbres Valley

Life is a traveling experience. "To everything thing there is a season and a time for every
purpose under heaven." We mortal beings have limited vision. All things that happen to
us in this space called earth are for our good. Times to laugh and times to cry, times to
rejoice and times morn, times to give and times to take, times to gather strength and times
to give strength to others. The Mimbres people had brief lives. They lived to
approximately 35 years of age, and that was considered old. They took advantage of
every minute they had. The loved and danced and worked to endured whatever
challenges the Creator sent to them for the polishing of their souls. Their lives were full.
May you see the hand of the Gods of heaven and earth in your life and know that you are
never alone, and if you have the chance, always dance.
I send you love and light on your journey.

walks with stars-Iroquois

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Talking Lizards 9.5"x2".

Talking Lizards
Mimbres Mythology

Before the emergence into this fourth world, the people lived below the ground in caves,
and had lizard attributes, including tails. They spoke in a crocked language, human and
part lizard. As the people of the fourth world started to come up from their underground
dwelling, they needed to communicate with each other in order to stay alive and begin the
new earth. Communication was essential, and is depicted on almost all of the pictures on
the pottery of the Mimbres. Everything, people, insects, fish, birds, four legged, fined
and feathered, all talking to each other.

Now in this day we communicate in many ways. Some are probably better than others.
We must not forget, that the language of the heart is the most essential to the well-being
of all of creation.
Let us speak kind words, face to face, heart to heart with consideration for all of our
relations that the Creator can smile down upon us all and shower us with blessings.

walks with stars-Iroquois